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The Re360 Program takes individuals through a comprehensive treatment that addresses the neck, back, and other parts of the body. 

This program is suggested for visitors looking to gain fuller, more complete healing for their mind and body. 

Call the office at (941) 893-2688 to schedule an appointment.


Living with pain is frustrating and challenging. It affects many aspects of life by limiting the ability to enjoy different activities and perform daily work. Three out of four people will experience some degree of neck and/or back pain in their lifetime. Lower back and neck pain are among the most common reasons patients pursue medical treatment. Most neck and back pains result from injury and inflammation to the muscles, ligaments, joints, or discs which can cause acute or chronic pain.

Since the causes of neck and back pain are multi-factorial, we at Re   Stem Cell and Healing and Innovative Neuroscience Institute believe that the assessment and recommendation of treatment are best accomplished by an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. Since pain affects the mind and body we approach the treatment of pain in the same way.

When patients come to see the neurosurgical providers, we will provide a comprehensive assessment of your neck and/or back including a thorough history and physical examination. We will ask you to rate your pain and talk with you about how well you are functioning with your pain. This approach will enable us to determine where the pain is coming from and rule out more serious causes of your symptoms.

There may be a need for one or more tests including X-rays, MRI or CT scans, blood tests, bone scans, or nerve studies (called electromyography or EMG). You may be recommended to take medications including non-prescription pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and topical pain relievers. Prescription medications may include narcotics (used for a short period of time with close supervision by the provider).

Physical therapy has an important role in the treatment of neck and back pain. A qualified physical therapist can utilize heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and muscle release techniques for acute pain. As you improve, the addition of exercises to strengthen your neck and/or back and abdominal muscles will increase your flexibility and improve your posture. Including these exercises as part of your daily routine can prevent future problems or recurrence of pain. Re   offers medically guided yoga and Pilates in group or one-on-one sessions with a certified instructor at our facility.

Re   offers an on-site outpatient surgical suite with the ability to perform traditional injections such as epidural steroids, trigger points and joint injections (hip, knee, shoulder etc.). As a leader in ground-breaking medical treatments, we are pleased to offer the most advanced injections that utilize the healing and regenerative processes of your own body to relieve pain. These include using platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells extracted from your own body.

Surgery may be necessary for unrelenting pain that does not respond to less invasive measures. The need for surgical intervention will be determined after evaluation for problems such as spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spine) or herniated discs.

We are passionate about our work and compassionate in the delivery of our care. By partnering with you in your quest to renew and rejuvenate your body and spirit, our team will support and share your goal to become healthy, strong, and active again.




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